Sunday, June 17, 2012

SCAD Senior Concept Art Projects

This year we have several graduate students going into concept design and animation. They have submitted some images showcasing their senior projects. Here is a gallery of their work:

Lily Cho
Project: Gumiho

The story follows Katsuye, the only odd person out of her family since she wants to be a warrior rather than a waiting lady. On the day of her younger sister Masae's thirteenth birthday, Masae reveals herself as a fox demon who has been in disguise for thirteen years before killing Katsuye's family; Katsuye is the only survivor. Joined by her avenging uncle, a guilty priest, and a aloof warrior, Katsuye vows revenge on the Fox Demon while going through their inner struggles.

Nick Palmer
Project: Silver Crown

The story is named Silvercrown, after the graphite-colored mineral with markings upon it resembling teeth or a ‘crown’. Humans seek out this material in the far reaches of space from their four occupied planets, Earth being the first of these. Bryza Vastian, a young woman born on board a massive O’Neill cylinder craft, works in a hydroponic lab, languishing for the adventure of a lifetime – that of setting foot on a planet for the first time. The O’Neill cylinder is on its way to claim its share of silvercrown that scientific explorers discovered recently. Unfortunately, not even the vast reaches of space can quench humankind’s thirst for more than it needs, and the pirates demonstrate this tendency most. After arriving at Insolitus orbiting around 4 Septiphicus G, Bryza’s community of miners, scientists, and police forces behold a vicious attempt on their lives, even before they set foot on the planet. The attack is the product of a brutal band of high-tech pirates who seek the O’Neill cylinder tools for acquiring the precious resource that powers all major ships and that people will pay millions for – the silvercrown.

Jeff Yu
Project: Think Fast

Think Fast follows a disgruntled private eye named Chevy Ford Carter in an alternative history, science fiction American town of Buckysville. Chevy's career of helping Ms. Margaret find her "missing" apple pie takes a spin when an attractive actress named Karen Day asks for his help to catch a killer. The murderer, a Beatnik entertainment robot gone rogue, has been killing high profile actors, and now it is targeting Karen. As Chevy delves deeper into the mystery, he uncovers an underground world of corrupt show biz dealings, shattered dreams, and a faint glimmer of hope.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back on the road!

Time to shake off the dirt, oil the rust, and kick things back into gear because the concept art factory is starting back up again! We had to take a hiatus because many of our members have been focusing on senior projects. We want to congratulate all summer 2012 Graduates of SCAD, you all are about to embark on an even greater journey. We wish you lots of luck and our blessings as you venture forth into a new phase of life!

That being said, we are pleased to showcase senior projects related to concept art produced this school year. If you are a SCAD graduate who wish to have your work uploaded, please send your submissions to with your name, title of the piece and no more than a paragraph describing you project (NOT EACH PIECE).

We have a few things in store for upcoming challenges. First off, we will have an exquisite corpse silhouette design event where all students start the initial silhouette drawing, then after a few minutes, the students hand them off to the student to their left. The next student will take the already existing design and just add on to it. This will continue until each design has been worked on by every student. At the end of the event, each student will take the design they are given and start fleshing it out with value before moving on to color studies.

The exquisite corpse is a technique developed by the surrealist movement to help artists "see" objects defined by shape. Our eyes have a tendency to draw connections between forms to create something recognizable.

So that will be our first upcoming challenge- stay tuned because there will be more!
Have a safe and wonderful summer!

-Concept Art Factory