Saturday, May 14, 2011

Club meeting changes!

Hey guys, just to keep everyone updated, seeing as many students were out of town or sick, the meeting this Friday was canceled. Also, since I have just started a new job and can't get back to SCAD until at least 7PM on Fridays, I regrettably won't be available to run speedpaint challenges anymore.
I believe that either Nick or Jeff have mentioned that they could take over the Friday meetings; nomatter who ends up taking charge of it, we can still continue to get together every Friday and paint. I will still head to SCAD as soon as I'm off work to collect the speedpaints, and I'll continue to moderate this blog.

Sorry for the sudden change, guys! These speedpaints have been a great experience for me, and I'm sure we have all visibly improved because of them. I really hope we won't fall off just because it's the end of the quarter.

With that said, meeting or not, we still have a painting topic this week!! We are doing creatures, and the subject is "Dragons blowing up in any time period or setting". Everyone will have until next Friday to draw something. Lets continue to blow this shit up (pun intended), guys! ;)


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