Sunday, May 22, 2011

Speedpaint Week 8

It is week 8 already, and we have NOT fallen off the wagon!! XD

First, thanks to Jeff and Nick for taking over the speedpaints. We are changing up the structure of the sketch challenges slightly in order to up the difficulty of these challenges. We'll still rotate between our list of concept art categories, but we will all try to add more elements to each painting; for example, a prop or a creature should be included with a character.
This week's topic was either to paint a knight or the European folklore character Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga is basically a witch-like old lady with metal teeth that flies around woodlands on a giant mortar and kidnaps children as a hobby. She also lives in a hut that for some reason stands on chicken legs. Though she is usually a stock antagonist, sometimes she is consulted by heroes for her wisdom too. Amazing job again, everyone!

Also, our website header is finally up! Hopefully it's a nice showcase of how far we've come this quarter and how hard we kick ass in general ;)

Annick Huber
Jeff Yu
Nick Palmer
Irene Strychalski
Keren Philosophales
Lily Cho

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