Friday, July 1, 2011

Speedpaint Week 12

Yo, it's another edition of the SCAD Concept Art Factory! Since we have been ordering our members to complete ridiculous 3 hour challenges involving more than 3 subjects, we have decided to simplify things to just 1 subject at 2 hours instead of the usual 90 minutes. This way members have the chance to pump out better quality work. At the moment, we are focusing specifically on design before we work on actual painting techniques because the design process requires a lot of research and familiarity with different subjects.

This week, our speedpaint challenge theme is... "fantasy, flying, pleasure ship of any culture and location". As for "pleasure", you may interpret in whatever way "pleases you".

Max Currie

Jeffrey Yu
Lily Cho

Nick Palmer
Arielle Smith

Nick Zimurio

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