Friday, April 1, 2011

Meeting numero uno!

I declare the first ever meeting of the SCAD concept art club a success!! :D

We got a lot done today, especially for a first meeting, on the first week of a new quarter. We discussed club officer positions, club activities, and even got a speed painting challenge done (Also, obviously, we got our blog up and running!). Thanks to everybody who showed up, and I hope this group will  be a success.

Now for what the blog should be used for:
We have decided that we will post the results of every week's speed painting topics on the blog.
All club officers will have access to the blog and the blog's email account. Anyone who wishes to post industry news, new artists, or new links and such are welcome to! Lets keep everyone informed.
The blog will also be a great way to contact everybody. We have a members list under the title bar, and I'll try to link everybody's name to their galley/art blog if I know of it. I'll also transfer over the link collection from our facebook group.

Again thanks for showing up and being such good sports! We're gonna have some mad fun.



  1. Hey Irene! Are the topics gonna be put up early in the week, kinda like how the temple's sketches are set up? I mean.. of course I can't be at the club meetings in person.. but I really want to take part in this. - Lane

  2. Happy to update any industry information

  3. Lane- Lol well since we don't decide on the sketch challenge until the meetings start (the whole point is to learn to research fast and work under pressure), we can't really announce the topic ahead of time. If you want I can literally give you a phone call every meeting, and you can participate that way then send in your work. I'll trust that you work within the time limits. :)

    Jack- Cool! Well, you would have to be an officer to post. Hmm... How about if you have any articles, just email them in and me, Jeff, or someone else will post it for you?
    Also, do you want to be on the club roster? Can you make the meetings? (Fridays at 5:30.)

  4. No no, a phone call isn't necessary.. I was just wondering if the challenge was being handled on a weekly basis, which you answered. So.. I'm good. And as for keeping to time constraints, of course I will.. I'd only be cheating myself if I didn't keep to the time limits. :D