Sunday, April 3, 2011

Speedpaint challenge 01

We did Vehicles for meeting 1, and by random shoutout (very democratic, yes) we decided the subject would be "medieval African evil racer" :D

Just for future reference, again the way we have organized the speedpaint challenges is:

  • We rotate the subjects of vehicle, creature, character, prop, and environment to form a 5-week cycle. Each week's speedpaint will be a different subject.
  • At each meeting we'll determine (by shoutout or discussion) the time, place, functionality, and personality of the subject.
  • ... and immediately start the challenge! Everyone will have 90 minutes to work on their design.
  • When times is up, we'll have a short informal critique, just of what works well with the subject and what doesn't in each piece. Afterwards, please email all of your designs to so they can be posted here.

Because we only had about 60 minutes this week, everyone got to take their work home and touch up some more. Smashing job, everyone!
Jeff Yu

Nick Palmer
Annick Huber
Irene Strychalski

Lily Cho
Chris Lane


  1. I didn't know we were to take it home and finish =( I tried to finish as fast as possible over there.
    Anyway, nice job everyone!

  2. Well, technically, nobody did take it home... everyone just stayed later and touched things up more. Mine's still fairly rough. I think only Jeff is finishing up. Which is fine.

    I haven't decided on this yet... Would everyone like to take their sketches home and touch it up before I post them for the world to see?