Friday, April 8, 2011

Speedpaint Challenge 02

Concept Art Factory has officially made it through its first week!!
Thanks for everyone who's supporting us, whether or not you can make it to the club meetings or not--especially to the people who can't make the physical meetings but are still sending in weekly paintings. You guys are awesome.
This week was a bit haphazard as SCAD's Career Fair is on the same day, but still we had many new faces show up, and everyone blew the paint challenge out of the water. 
Our subject today was "Creature" and "prehistoric arctic airbourne carnivore".

Also, we've decided to give the sketch challenge a little leeway, since many participants wanted to further polish their pieces during the week. Don't get it wrong, the 90 minute challenge will still be posted here! But should you choose to work on your design some more, you may send it in by the next Friday, and we will post it next to your original 90-minute painting.

Hank Silman
Irene Strychalski

Keren Philosophales

Nick Palmer
Annick Huber
Chris Lane
Sam Bell-Koch

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