Friday, April 15, 2011

Speed paint week 3

This meetings' turnout was AWESOME! I think all of us who've been working on these challenges from the start are showing loads of improvement, and I can't wait to see what the new members will bring.

For this challenge we did Characters, and the subject was "disgruntled Futuristic Russian hooker" :)
Some mature content ensues, you have been warned.
Thanks to everyone who participated, and again if anybody would like to polish their speedpaint into a portfolio piece, you can still send it in by next Friday to be reposted!

Ae Ri

Annick Huber
Nick Palmer
Jerrell Drakes
Irene Strychalski
Lily Cho

Brian Traynor
Zalika Yavlinskiy
Sam Bell-Koch

Keren Philosophales 
Jeff Yu 
Hank Silman

Chris Lane

Next week's subject will be Environments, and the week after that we would've reached our five-week cycle. Thus a few members, namely me, Annick, and Lily, were thinking about giving the cycle-closure challenge some extra spice: a 2-hour speed paint of a character in an environment or vehicle with a prop. If that idea sounds cool with everyone, we'll go ahead and change the challenge details.


  1. hrrmmm, did you get mine? I sent it from my school email. sam bell-koch

  2. Hey, sorry I missed it! I've posted it now. Thanks. ^_^

  3. Irene.. I feel like I need a shot of penicilin after just looking at yours heh.