Friday, April 22, 2011

Speedpaint Week 4!

Thanks again guys!
This week we did something a little different since the topic was environments. Thanks to everyone who showed up, even though I know that with midterms coming up lots of us are smothered with work!
The theme was "Cheerful 1700s palace airbourne by ballons", with the exact culture and technology of the environment up for everyone to choose on their own.

Also, please note that WE ARE CHANGING MEETING TIMES! Since there are several clubs right before us and we don't really start work until 6:00, we'll just meet at 6 instead, so the meetings should end around 8.

Annick Huber
Jeff Yu
Lily Cho
Irene Strychalski
Keren Philosophales
Nick Palmer
Chris Lane

Jerrell Drakes

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