Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 14, Value Study Exercise

Yo, welcome to the week 14 Concept Art Factory design exercise! This week we are taking the silhouette of characters from last time and developing it farther by adding grey scale to define the shapes that would articulate a design that illicit emotions. If your character is evil, maybe use some jagged shapes and asymmetrical proportions. If your character is an anti hero, maybe mix rectangles or circles with triangles to represent moral ambiguity. Bottom line is, you have to communicate the personality of a character by using value. Do 10 value studies for your best silhouette.
Next week, we will do 5 color studies for your best value study design.
                                                                 Nick Palmer Value studies
                                                     Protagonist competition class mechsuit
                                                    Antagonist  competition class mechsuit

 Jeff Yu Value Studies

Smuggler Value Studies
Lawman Value Studies

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